Ancestral Reverence – getting it right

A note before we start. We spend a lot of time in the ancestral realms, with our own ancestors and the ancestors of our clients. We are also well trained by our ancestors, not by a school, guru, a teacher, not by a line of humans passing things to other humans over the generations, but our own bloodline ancestors, for today’s world and not what suited others in other times. Having over 1,000 hours of training you see we are both passionate and open to learning, and we need to state clearly that the training never ends. This post is done from this perspective and fair weight of experience.
If you come across anything in this that is offensive to what you know you are invited to leave now or be pragmatic and hear our arguments and thoughts. We don’t ask you to believe a word we say, rather PLEASE test, test, test over time, maybe decades and see where that lands for you. Each person’s experience is unique, and we ask you to honour that and just take what works for you in your special and essential part of the universe. Getting you living your life, in a meaningful way for you, is our deep desire.


Sometimes when people revere, they are not taking responsibility for their own life because they are bowing to people that have had their time. Sometimes people can not take responsibility for something and blame the ancestors for what they’re doing, and they’re doing it because the ancestors did it. “This is what our family does”, is a sentence often heard. You will see it in most families, is might be subtle. Ancestral healing tackles that aspect of human/family dynamics. So good reverence is about taking responsibility for your own life and also set up a better energy/dynamics in the family line, for those that come.

All ancestors, those currently living, those passed on who are now in spirit, and the descendants need to be revered, not because what they have done with their life or because they are dead, or they had a hard life or whatever, but because they are/were/will be humans and humans are a spark of the universe. So really, in revering the human, you are revering the universe and you are revering the natural world.

For us, ancestral reverence is not looking at the ancestors with the blinkers on, with a blurry focus and revering them. It’s more for us to embrace this bigger picture of the universe and the bigger picture that you are the living representative of the ancestors and you are the ancestor to the descendants that are coming. It’s really about the specialness and the amazing wonder that the human is in this environment and what we are from, we are from the stardust, from the earth, from the trees, the wind, the sun, that all makes up the human and also your experience now, and that’s to be revered.

So when you are revering the ancestors, don’t do it with the blinkers on and the loving blurry focused eyes, remember you are not honouring just them. To really honour the ancestors, also rever all those around you living right now, yourself and the descendants to come. You are/will be an ancestor (even if it’s just energetic), so hopefully, you’ll be compelled to live well, and rever those yet to come, the descendants, and leave them a better place than you inherited.

Be the descendant that lived the life that your ancestors could not even dream of.

Be the ancestor that leaves the world and family line in a way that is to be revered.

Be the start of a new humanity.


Brad and Caroline.

Copyright 2019.


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