Fixing your family

When doing Ancestral healing you are healing yourself, and not projecting that need on those around you.

It’s from your point of view, not to heal your abused mother or misunderstood and isolated father, just as examples. The journey starts with you, and what your childhood experiences have done to you, shaped how you turn up in the world feeling whatever. It’s a healing journey to set you free of all that so you can go to the world in a way that will be nourishing, meaningful, fun, free, adventurous, exciting, what you were put on earth to do and possibly scary for all the right reasons. In that process and journey, you will gather up the living ancestors and many older ancestors in spirit, and hopefully the individual right at the start of this healing trauma. Sometimes there are several in an entangled sordid tale.

So you are the starting point, you are not looking to heal all those around you or all your ancestors, because there may be healing journeys already in play and a not ready to be healed. So it’s best when doing ancestral healing you, make yourself the starting point,  and in the process of healing yourself, trust that many ancestors will fall into the healing journey, because of long desire for the same healing to occur.


You are the descendant.

You are wanting to heal whatever energy is inhibiting life

You become the ancestor who enabled new energies to flow down the line


Ways to do ancestral healing

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