A Naturistic Totem Example – Swan

“A naturistic totem explains your thoughts, behaviours, likes,
dislikes, fears, joys, relationships, in short, your life.”
~ Shaman Mother Sha-Riah, December 2015

Signets – Image thanks to Michelle Allan 2019

Imagine that your totem is a swan. A white swan…

“First let us focus on the physical aspects. All of your young life you have been plain, unattractive, even. But you were smart, and even though you had a close family, you had few friends, so you studied hard and became smarter. As you grew into your adulthood, your young, plain features fell away to reveal a beauty that stopped people in their tracks. You found this surprising but gratifying. People want to be around you, in the vicinity of your beauty, however, they are not interested in what is going on inside, in your mind, your heart, or your spirit; it is as if the first part of your life is no longer important, it has ceased to exist. This is just the same for a swan, ugly and isolated when young, but beautiful and desired when they are fully grown.


Next let us look at the emotional centre. A swan is graceful, serene and glides through the water as if floating on top of it. They can appear detached, almost aloof. You learned to do this as a child, you were smart but you were unappealing, and thus the butt of jokes and mocking, perhaps you were even bullied. You learned to go through life quietly, almost unobtrusively. But now you are the centre of attention with your beauty, everyone wants to be like you, or be you. You are churning inside, just as the swan’s feet are churning the water in an effort to move along, or away. You are trying to keep the facade of calmness, but just like the swan you will shriek and attack an often unseen, or unreal foe in an effort to protect the delicate balance that is your being. You do not like this about yourself, it belies your calm exterior and, you believe, exposes the true you. However, you also know that there is more to you than is seen by others, you just haven’t been able to access it yet. You actually want to be serene, calm and beautiful, not just look it. You want to feel free to speak your mind, without hating yourself for it. You want to be accepted for the complete beauty that you are, both inside and outside, for your mind as well as your body.

Knowing that the swan is your totem can not only give you a detailed picture of yourself, but also something to hang onto when you are feeling frail. The strong attributes of the swan are also your strong attributes. The swan is not burdened by self-doubt or self-loathing when they attack others, the swan is proud of its beauty. It is proud that others want to be around it. The swan’s long neck allows it to see into the future, the strong feathers that cover its body protect it from the elements and they groom themselves to make sure that is the way it remains. Their physical appearance gives them strength, their emotional self gives them power. They see themselves as having a rightful place on this earth, and they are going to enjoy it.

Very few humans hunt swans for food, they are seen as somehow special, humans feel the need to keep them alive and thriving. Swans may be beautiful to look at, but it is something more than that. There is an ethereal, spiritual presence about them, it would be seen as a crime to kill one of them.

If you, who has a swan as a totem, can see this for yourself, that you are honoured, respected, revered, not just because of your beauty but because of a quality that others see as necessary to life itself, you will come into your own.”

~ An excerpt of a book channeled in December 2015 by Mother Sha-Riah: “Becoming Shaman.” through Caroline Allinson-Dunn.

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