Why do Shamanic Journeys work?

Shamanic Journeys offer an age-old-way to resolve ancestral issues and healing ancestral issues are more often than not, a part of a difficult personal healing journey. It is always personal. The personal pain motivates you to look at the ancestors as a possible source of resolution. This aspect of your journey is illuminating in so many ways.

Shamanic journeys can be used for any sort of healing. It does not take the place of western medicine, which can relieve pain, perform state of the art surgery and imaging. But if for example Johnny breaks his arm five times and he is in good care, shamanic healing offers a way to find out why he’s having these breaks and offers a way to resolve issues like that, so he does not need to return to the hospital for a broken arm, energy in his life can move in a different way, or move out of the family for good. Another example might be with fertility, why do both parents have all the right bits and all the things work, but they can’t fall pregnant or carry a child to full-term? Shamanic healing can address that also, where western medical options have been exhausted.

So below is a basic overview of why you would do personal shamanic journeys or said another way; journey-work for healing and transformation, which might include aspects of ancestral healing.

For those new to shamanic journey work, we explain the basics:

* You start with an ideal, a notion or intention
* You can have a vehicle like a facilitator, a shamanic drum track, beat your own drum, rattle, sing or whatever
* You go into spirit, deep into your universe (use a shaman to support you until you feel safe)
* The connections in your spirit, mind/psyche, body and emotions, known and hidden are revealed and explored to different depths according to your awareness/consciousness, related to your predetermined ideal, notion or intention
* Hidden things are revealed or hinted at
* Somethings are confronted
* Some blocked energy or relationships between things are moved and freed to evolve naturally again
* You come back out into the world with a fresh, confirmed or confronted perspective
* New relationships between seemingly unrelated things are processed and cognised over the following weeks.

So when we journey into spirit, spirit reveals to us what is needed, not maybe what you want. So you get to escape any comfort loops you might be in. You can escape that construct to something that suits your evolved state of being or thinking. You can access this life, your childhood, aspects of life, ancestors, community and so much more. If you gain some skill or utilise someone else’s skill you can do so many things with regards to old pains, misspent youth, parenting, personal and family trauma, trans-generational trauma and so much more.

100% natural organic goodness. You can do this absolutely drug-free if that’s what you want. We do not use plant or synthetic supports in our tradition.

You might like to see a typical journey plan >here<. Journey booking is >here<

Photo thanks to Daisuke Tashiro from Japan / CC BY-SA (creativecommons_org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)