How to engage with the Ancestors for healing

Engaging with the ancestor for healing should be taken with a level of care.

We connect with ancestors in personal guided shamanic journeys, meditations and in MindBody Constellation workshops, with people surrogating for different ancestral energies. We are healers so we need to be accurate with the energies and individuals in a family line, thus we use these mediums.

Additionally you can do different ceremonies, rituals to achieve the similar. There are now many websites offering material supporting this type of activity. Search terms like ancestral reverence and ancestral prayers are a good place to start. These do not require such accuracy in work, but your intent does need to be sharp, and please take care of negative energies with this work.

All families have their good and bad, and some of your ancestries might be troublesome if they aren’t healthy and not fully resting in the land-of-the-dead. With that said, individuals can enjoy private work with their ancestors given a strong clear intention. And like all things, it will take work.

These images are from Sami drums in Scandanavia. They are recognised as very similar to images used on drums by our ancestral lineage in Siberia.