Typical Journey Plan

First and foremost, here are our terms of service.

A shamanic journey plan normally has three journeys, one per week for three weeks straight.

How to prepare:
Be comfortable, not hungry, but also not full of food either.
If you can, shower/bath and change into clean clothes. Burn incense or get a scent you like going in the room you wish to journey/meditate in. Your space must be free from intrusions. Do not embark on this process if you can’t keep people out. That would be a waste of both of our time. Stay off the internet for a while before we start.
We start with small talk and catch up.
a) Discuss intention of your journey.
b) Commence journey… which might include:
– breathing
– fire if relevant to/for Hinorayam
– guided moments
– drumming
– chanting
– emotion clearing
– communion with ancestors
– ancestral clearing where needed
– emotions, trauma, confusions, injustices, isolations cleared
– ancestral support summoned
– journey closed.
c) Pause.
d) Journey recap.
e) Intention revisited and tuned.
f)  Strategies for integration and going to the world.
Post journey coaching is offered to bring about awareness of walking your intention out in the world and how to successfully bridge those tests that may question, or shake, your resolve.
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Old sami images recognised by our lineage’s ancestry in Russia.