Ancestral Healing – Ways it can be done

Ways ancestral healing can be done include:

  1. Constellation work like MindBody Constellations or Family Constellation work. The concept of constellation denotes how this type of work puts out the contributing aspects out into roles to first understand the hidden dynamics of what is needed to be healed or resolved. As a result, it can really build the knowledge of “why you” in all this. Constellation work is facilitated by people who are trained and able to guide you through your healing journey. We strongly recommend you include the community of the individual where the trauma first started,  because it takes a community to raise a child, and in doing so comes the sharing of the responsibility of the trauma that happened, and that will reduce the burden on your own family line. Sound healing resolutions can take weeks, months or years. (If someone says a day, well we would say think hard about that)
  2. Personal Meditation and connecting with the ancestors. You can do this journey by yourself, however, you may need some guidance and we recommend you find some just in case you open up a pocket of trauma that you can’t navigate through or past.  You’ll know when you’re there, as it will be both overwhelming and hard to escape. For some this is the right way, it is very private, but it can take decades, and for some that is perfect.
  3. Going to a healer, shaman, medium, channeler to connect with the problematic energy, and then create the space for this energy to move and find resolution. Again this can take weeks to years, depending how much work you and your ancestors have done. See a shamanic journey plan here.


How to:

  1. You do it – follow a book or system like a Meditation and connecting with the Ancestors above, or something like going out in the natural world connecting through a vessel like a tree, a plant or an animal, and using this vessel to connect with the ancestor or ancestral energy.
  2. You work with someone – so that you do it together, so you are doing the work and the other person guides and facilitates you through difficult times and complex entanglements.
  3. Someone does it for you.
  4. Ceremony/Ritual/Sweat Lodge – Private prayers or group work like drumming circles where you call in an energy and work on it, or shamanic journey medicine circles, these are best facilitated by someone to manage all things that come up.


What will be the most beneficial?

  • Some people need to do this by themselves, they really want to know what is going on. They are compelled to do it and explore the different ways that bring the resolution and healing they seek, and in a way, this suits their personality.
  • Some people just want the work to be done for them. An important note here to add is whilst this seemingly will be the fastest way and pain-free if you like, you will miss a lot of self-knowledge about why this was happening to you and much of the meaning of it will be lost and you’ll be facilitated/pushed through someone else’s version of your healing journey. Later in life you might find you’ll be searching for more meaning, and we often do later in life. Most likely you’ll find it back here in this healing journey. And as a result it becomes the longest journey, but never lost forever.
  • Some people want to do it, but guided by a facilitator/healer etc, and this person leads you through the healing movement. It can look like:


Group Shamanic Journeys
Core problems in ancient ancestral communities



  • Doing it by yourself, this can be a long but fulfilling journey, there will be many sweet oases and many hard difficult deserts and mountains in the proverbial journey. For some that is perfect, it’s very private and for them there will be no other way. You will know if this is for you.
  • Doing it supported by an expert – you learn about why all this and why you were the start of such a phenomenal experience, and you also get to craft the new state of being that you wish to take out into the world, free of whatever was in the ancestral line. For some, this can be momentous. You showing up to do your work in the family line is a real sign of respect that will make the ancestors stand up an cheer (maybe not initially) AND  you may discover some key family gifts that have been hidden for so many generations.
  • When doing Ancestral healing you are healing yourself, and not projecting that need on those around you.
    It’s from your point of view, not to heal your abused mother or misunderstood and isolated father, just as examples. The journey starts with you, and what your childhood experiences have done to you, shaped how you turn up in the world feeling whatever. It’s a healing journey to set you free of all that so you can go to the world in a way that will be nourishing, meaningful, fun, free, adventurous, exciting, what you were put on earth to do and possibly scary for all the right reasons. In that process and journey, you will gather up the living ancestors and many older ancestors in spirit, and hopefully the individual right at the start of this healing trauma. Sometimes there are several in an entangled sordid tale. So you are the starting point, you are not looking to heal all those around you or all your ancestors, because there may be healing journeys already in play and a not ready to be healed. So it’s best when doing ancestral healing you, make yourself the starting point,  and in the process of healing yourself, trust that many ancestors will fall into the healing journey, because of long desire for the same healing to occur.
  • Much of this work is about creating a better family line, world, and environment for the descendants that come in the future. Even if you don’t have your own children, you will see nieces, nephews, siblings, and personal projects experience new freedoms that have been long yearned for. When done well, it will allow new energies to flow in the descendant lines, and that is a gift that will be revered, but possibly not in this lifetime.


You are the descendant.

You are wanting to heal whatever energy is inhibiting life

You become the ancestor who enabled new energies to flow down the line



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