What is a MindBody Constellation

MindBody Constellations a contemporary approach to the Family Constellations body of work, inspired by Hellinger. Hellinger himself has departed from his initial constellation work, which corresponds with what we see as the innate need of this work to evolve, adapt and flow.

A MindBody Constellation constellates out the mind-bodies in regard to whatever one is trying to resolve, dissolve or create etc. An example could be the scenario where someone can’t get a life partner. The MindBody of this scenario for this someone has potentially a lot invested into it, especially if they have been seeking a partner for a long time. If constellated out into it’s parts, we might see:

  1. A comment as a young child where the someone was told they were too ugly or stupid to ever attract a partner
  2. A string of failed potential partnerships has left wounds
  3. The clock is ticking faster, pressure produce children
  4. Both aunties and uncles endured singledom

So, all these energies combine to create the scenario, a mind-body.  These invested energies manifest in this MindBody that inhibits the life that this person wants.  All these factors or aspects need attention to some degree.  A constellation finds the problems that inhibit a person moving past some of the factors that they encounter in life, and prioritise them into meaningful, understandable, and achievable intentions. Some of these energies might be ancestral or transgenerational, and these might be so strong that a person can’t resolve other issues in life, which further disrupts the normal flow and development of a person. Everyone is individual in this.  For example, one family member could be breezing through life, whereas another family member could be blocked at every turn.

MindBody Constellations can be used in helping people move past many different real-life situations. Some examples include the ability to resolve or move past:

  1. Anxiety and depression
  2. Weight – too much or too little
  3. Fertility
  4. Success in marriage, career, business, travels, studies etc
  5. Chronic sickness
  6. Mixed wellbeing
  7. Marital issues like adultery, sick or hopeless partners, violence, abuse etc
  8. Life developing normally from infanthood onwards

MindBody Constellations – an introductory overview of how it might work for you.