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Are you the dreams of your ancestors?

How are those dreams working out for you?

Have you noticed old patterns in your family cascading down through the generations?

Is there a feeling of hopelessness, no matter what you try?

All this does not have to be a problem. This could be an opportunity and there are many ways to act on these opportunities.

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What is ancestral healing?

Why ancestral healing?


Brad & Caroline Tibet 2019

We run workshops live in Sydney and Cairns in our MindBody Constellation community:


Core problems in ancient ancestral communities

Each weekday, by-phone, we do personal client shamanic journeys that open the ancestral realms which delicately and honourably explore the expansions and contractions of your ancestry, to find the hope, peace and healing that is needed to bring about health and success for all in the lineage.

Group Shamanic Journeys

Any questions, please call Brad/Hinorayam – 0401155484 (Australia) or Caroline after hours 0431415009

These Sami drum images recognised by our ancient ancestors who dwelled in central Siberia,
a very long way from our more recent Irish and Scottish roots.