Shamanic Healing Journeys

Sydney – Cairns – Gold Coast

The variety of shamanic traditions is vast. What they use to help induce trance states for healing work is varied also. No one journey method is superior or inferior. How could they be if they lasted thousand of years?

Our lineage (Naturistic Shamanic Tradition) uses the pharmacology of the mind to bring about the trance states needed by each separate journey. It is developed by drum, incense, atmosphere, personal consciousness, so you’ll not need to take any potion or herbal support as a vehicle in your journey. These are valuable vehicles of many traditions, but we have our tradition, which you’ll see in the Siberian traditions.

The journey:

So Brad/Hinorayam drums, chants, sings, convulses, shakes, cries, vomits, divines sounds, whatever is needed in the spirit world for the movement needed. This takes commitment from spirit. We do not journey for entertainment without a specific intention to heal or transform. To do so is disrespectful and it will be seen. Have courage and do work which is meaningful for advancing your experiences with others and the planet.

After the journey – we hook straight into setting up the analysis that might be immediate or up to two weeks. We work with how your intention has evolved or changed, and the most important and most difficult part of any healing journey – the integration, which might take weeks and months.

If you have a favourite shamanic tradition preference, ask Brad to include this as a possible aid in a meaningful healing journey for you. Call Brad +61(0)401155484 or email him on

Brad & Caroline Tibet 2019


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