Results Speak

Personal Journeys via phone:

“Incredible.” ~ DG – Sydney NSW

“My pain was so bad for six weeks, it was hard to walk, twist and generally work. I was blocking something, so Brad suggested he journey for me whilst I was sleeping. The morning after, I woke up feeling sick for about half an hour, but the back pain was gone. By mid-morning I was feeling well, light and clear, moving freely without pain. A weight in my life had lifted.” ~ HA Geraldton WA

“Even before the journey’s started my body was reacting.” ~ SI – Sydney NSW

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Personal Journeys in Person:

“My journey took hours. It unfolded over weeks, incredible. ” ~ WB – Queensland


Event workshops:

“My back pain had been with me consistently for 30 years. Twelve months ago I did a constellation, twelve months since that day I have enjoyed a pain-free back.” ~ SL – West Sydney

“Constellating workshops have basically changed my life in that when you do any constellation work regardless who’s it is you really are working on yourself through the process. You find that the right people are always there at the right time and they will be in the right place so that they can and do get their “process ” sorted or at least to start the process if they are willing and even if they are not willing to start it. You should have an attitude to accept that this will happen when you attend a constellation.” ~ DS – Cairns QLD.

“All I can say is it’s mind blowing! I presented myself to MindBody Constellation work after having done work previously with other therapists both mainstream and alternative, but I just couldn’t break the pattern. After experiencing three different constellations, on different perspectives of my life, I saw my relationships with my family improve, I started to move forward after being stuck in a rut, where life just felt like a constant struggle both in the home and the workplace. Things have cleared and I began to feel a sense of clarity I had never experienced before. Thankyou Brad and Caroline for your support and helping me to move in the right direction! ~ K.K. NSW. Natural Therapist.

“A miracle. Failure after failure was resolved in one constellation.” ~ CP – Hobart, Tasmania

Wild Plains Medicine Circle:

I was extremely vulnerable and so dysfunctional and a friend invited me to attend a Shamanic meditation. After a few months I knew I had to go and have never looked back. I am 69 and my whole life has been transformed and I am a new person. This has spread to my immediate family with transformation I could only hope for, actually happening.
My journey was huge and the risk was the possibility of my only child not having anything to do with me for some time, or ever. I decided to go ahead, as I was so desperate and knew it was the right timing. The Mothers directed me constantly and my group supported me emotionally.
All my work on self-help over the years all came together at an amazing speed and has blown us all away. Thank you Mothers, Brad & Caroline. ~ BV – QLD