My Shamanic Journey with Brad

“One of the most powerful and frightening sessions i have ever done, where I was confronted by myself, forced to look at myself and felt undeniable threatened by the experience, so much so that I believed I should not have done it. The issue I took with me on my journey was “self-worth”, and I now realise that my conceptual belief of myself was the one that attracted what I had been subjected to in different parts of my life, especially in my work situation, where I was the victim of targeted, vicious bullying. I believed that I had no choice but to remain in that situation to protect my only source of income, my livelihood, for my physical survival. At the same time, I also knew that changing my vibration would impact on external realities and had already done a lot of work in that area. However, this journey led by Brad, was a necessary endeavour for me to undertake and the bravest decision I made even though I was so reluctant in to enter it and knew it might not be a “walk in the park”.

My experience was powerful at all levels, and presented itself with the unknown, culminating in terror but ended in magnificence, beauty and peace. I had no idea that facing myself would bring such powerful experiences.

Brad exceeded any expectations I might have had for follow-up and figuratively “held my hand” for the following days/weeks, to ensure I was supported until I felt “complete” about the experience.

For me, the results of this journey, are such that I now have a strong inner core and a major shift in with my self-worth and it has been reflected in the external endorsement of my work situation.

And the most wonderful shift for me is to have been introduced, (or re-introduced?) to who I really am and to have gained a sense of self-worth I didn’t previously have.

Brad is a true master magician/shaman and his ethics are of the highest calibre. He is completely immersed in his mission in life which is to transform lives. Brad is meticulous with his work and admirable with his level of self integrity which makes him completely trustworthy. He also has a wicked sense of humour which helps relieve some of the intensities of Life.”

~ E.P. NSW, Australia.

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