Anorexia: A family problem – Shamanic Healing and Ancestral Medicine

A psychologist we know says Anorexia Nervosa is something he respects absolutely. It affects a person and their whole family. It is the most difficult experience.

We are well trained in Shamanic Healing and Ancestral Medicine.  Our training drives us to go deep into the wider experience of the person, the family and the community. Even the ancestors don’t escape our view with regard to bringing about a resolution for the person and the family, because in many situations it’s a family phenomenon.

Now let’s look at one possibility for the anorexic. Maybe they are trying to punish somebody in their family. Maybe they are trying to punish themselves. That’s just one possibility. Where is the punishing energy coming from? Is it created in this life-time between the people that are involved in this lifetime or is it an ancestral thing? Is it a societal thing? Where is that need for punishment coming from?

So that’s the first of all, as a Shaman, you would say: ‘What’s underneath?’ The first thing you come to is ‘the punishment’. Who are they punishing? Themselves or other people? Often it is both. Two sides of the same coin. Why are they punishing? Where is that energy coming from? Is it, as we said before, is it this created in this lifetime or past lifetimes, from them from ancestors, is it society or whatever.

We have had intimate family experience with Anorexia, not just a client or clinical experience of clients. It is one of the most enduring experiences a family can experience, which can be tragic.

So what does seeing a shaman entail when dealing with this family issue?

  1. It starts with a phone call with the adults involved in the dilemma.
  2. We discuss the family including what is known about the ancestry of the family. An issue like this is often hidden in the family, so we might find little, but a little is better than nothing.
  3. We will choose and adult to work with and they will be the primary contact with us. All parties can communicate, but we will work with the adult who is appropriately involved in the hidden elements that confound all in this condition.
  4. Connection and commune. For whom-ever is suffering, you absolutely must build a community around them, isolation is absolutely something you need to avoid. People in their community may need to be guided as to how to interact etc. We will help with this.
  5. The adult we engage with will be involved in several phone-based shamanic journeys and maybe even phone-Zoom-Skype sessions to resolve the hidden aspects of the condition in the family. We might have to visit you or visa vie if this format does not work for you.
  6. This is powerful medicine, you will need to integrate between sessions, ideally a week apart. We might need to do a series of sessions, rest for a month or two and then do another series. You know all too well the will and stubbornness of this condition, this is something we also encounter and have to dissolve.
  7. If there is a child involved, we might only get involved at this point. Sometimes the child wants to be involved from the very start, which is always discussed.
  8. Homework: There is always homework with our methodology and we can explore different ways that might work for you.
  9. Food. Food belongs all the way-down-here unless we are dealing with the survival of a person, which we support of course. We concerned with deeper hidden aspects. We might also suggest a range of things outside your current regime to support and nourish, including nourishing massages as an example.etc.
  10. Personal development, personal gift and connecting with a meaningful life. This will be encountered later in this healing movement as supports and bolsters for getting that type of life going.

Soul loss and fracturing are all encompassed in our methodology, including the related ancestors that may be involved and energetically causing problems. We aim to not only resolve the soul loss or fracturing but deal with the condition that caused it in the first place, something few people will attend.

We understand your situation and will be happy to support you.


Brad and Caroline.




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