Our approach to depression

We generally prefer to use nature as a metaphor for the human experience, it often works so well.

So, if we can imagine life and soul is like freshly tilled soil, this surface and medium, being full of life, air and energy. Now press this soil with your hand and you’ll see it leaves a depression. So both life and soul have this hand-print depression. Where you pressed your hand in the soil will be unique, so in this regard, the depression will be unique for many, as unique as the many places you can place your hand in the garden.

Given good garden soil, microflora and enough moisture, the depression will become less evident as the days pass by. It rises back somewhat depending on the soil and its flora. And so in life if someone gets pushed down, suppressed or overlooked, whatever it might be for them, the human can generally get up, rise almost to their full potential, again, with some experience and hopefully wisdom.

However, if the hand stays depressed in the soil and suppresses the soil, it’s very hard for the soil to breathe and recover. Hard for the soul to get back up. We all know that depression affects us all in many different ways. Physically, hormonally, emotionally, chemically (like digestion and acidity), mentally, and ancestrally. Whatever it is for the person it is a journey and toil, unfortunately.

So coming back to the hand depressing the soil, like a suppression of life and the soul, if you can follow this metaphor and explore depression from this perspective, you can discover in regular human terms, how the depression really affects you, but not only that, what or whom is depressing you and these could be ancestral.

We wish you all the best in your journey, we by no means are trying to make light of anyone’s experience, but we hope this metaphor helps to serve you to understand yourself better, but also to conceptualise clearer aspects of life and spirit that make for-good and not-so-good human wellbeing.

Please consider that the most important thing you can do in life after general life matters, is to take action on your healings, especially whilst you have a body. In past all that is the treasure you seek.


Brad and Caroline


All rights reserved Brad & Caroline Dunn (c) 2021


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