Our approach to Anxiety

For us we look at anxiety from two core perspectives:

  • Firstly – anxiety is a dissonance between the four aspects of the human: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When one or more of these aspects is out of harmony with the others, there is this experience of anxiety.
  • Second – anxiety experienced between the internal being and the external being. To explain that, there are internal events that caused the anxiety initially. The experience of the external being out in the world encounters events that trigger anxiety from the internal past event experiences.


We acknowledge this is a very simplistic view. For us, the complex view is each individual. Not everyone has the same internal event triggers that cause anxiety. The complexities are almost infinite.

Moving forward, look for the WHY in the above, and not just the WHY in your current existence and why they have caused anxiety, but go back further into your ancestry. Events way-back-then maybe are the root cause of the anxiety you suffer from anxiety in the here and now, from a particular ancestral event. Unresolvable anxiety is almost always having an ancestral trauma event that seeks resolution.

So look at the why. Also, look at the epigenetics (on top of the gene) which will enlighten you of the ancestral events that cause anxiety in this current life. To say it another way;

“that anxiety may not be yours”.

We wish you the very best at finding the peace you yearn.

Thank you

Brad and Caroline.

Image thanks to Angie Kidawa, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


All rights reserved (c) 2021 Brad and Caroline Dunn


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