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We offer private sessions and group sessions, please see below.

Here are our terms of service.

Rate Card.

Private Consultations:

Ancestral Healing Journey – Set of two journeys – $300-00 (1st journey can be upto 3 hours) with post-journey coaching call
Shamanic Healing Journey – Set of two journeys – $300-00 – with post-journey coaching call
Additional journeys to the above sets $100 (remote by phone)

Single Ancestral Healing Journey – $260-00 (Upto 3 hours) – with post-journey coaching call
Single Shamanic Healing Journey – $160-00 (1.5 hours approx) – with post-journey coaching call

See a typical journey plan >here<

Soul Retrieval and Fractured Soul Healing Programs –  Minimum of three journeys $400-00 with coaching

Private Paper Constellation – $300-00 – (2 hour limit) – with post-constellation coaching call

Akashic Readings – by Invitation only – $160-00

Consultations with the Mothers – by invitation only
Casual – $160-00
Long Term clients – $120-00

Group work:

MindBody Constellations – Personal Ancestral Healing Movement
– $400-00 (Facebook event – link new window)
Constellation Participation – $50-00 per day or $20 per evening (may vary according to venue prices)


Private divine your own personal Totem Course – $400 (includes post-course coaching)
Private divine your Spirit Animals Course – $300

Group Totem and Spirit Animal Courses – Price is determined by venue costs.

Wild Plains Medicine Circle – Participation (Facebook link new Window)

Single journey – $20-00 – Cairns only
Shamanic Day Spa – – prices determined by venue and other costs, published separately for each event.



For personal consultations and questions, please call Brad/Hinorayam on 0401155484 (Australia +61). Everything is by appointment in person or over the phone outside of Cairns and Sydney.  For this work we prefer phone to the likes SKYPE, Facebook and ZOOM, as a we are looking to reduce visuals and go quietly on our journey.

MOST of our work is in the post-journey integration, this is included in the price, within reason. All of our work adheres to a 16 step healing methodology, which we provide to clients for their own interpretation. We have successfully used this approach for 6 years, and it seems to be robust in the toughest of transformations. See a typical journey plan >here<

This is a photo of an ancestral trauma laid out bare in a MindBody Constellation. Trauma in the ancestry is often unknowingly played out by those living now. We go back to the source of today’s problem, back in the ancestry.