What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral Healing Group Workshop – Sydney

Healing of an ancestor is a most fascinating subject.

How can you heal someone who is dead?

If you’ve talked, or are still talking with dead loved ones, you may already know how real this interaction can be.

Limited to the first edition of this website, we’ll stick to ancestor/s that were traumatised and isolated in their time and space on the family line (references to come as time allows). Healing in this context allows for the traumas to be recognised by family and the community, with all parties restored to dignity, each owning their contributions. When this happens, the living representative in the family seems to be released from resolving the thing that is bothering them, the thing that didn’t even start with them. Life and the normal channels of healing open up to them, new freedoms are discovered by the ancestors, and likewise, with those living.

It is most fascinating to watch and participate. There are many aspects to a healing that need to be address as indicated below illustration.

Ancestral Healing Stakeholders

A great way to start is to come to a live event and see this unfold. The integration afterwards in the living representative can be complex, and it the most difficult part in many ways. It is something to ask others about in the group, watch people over time, or more intimately through your own healing/transformation.  You’ll endure one or two “healing crises” and come out knowing so much about who you are and what ancestry you have come from. A sense of power and pride builds with such journeys. Knowing your ancestors builds capacity, respect, knowledge and wisdom.

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