Why MindBody Constellations when it very clearly works on spirit?

Some people ask is why do you call it MindBody Constellations, when it very clearly works on spirit?

This is a typical group constellation. The participants on the day play out different roles of a mind-body, moving energy, releasing emotion, gaining insight and resolution, and then moving to a new paradigm which was never thought as possibly or ever resolvable. This new paradigm is sought after by the client using their intention as a vector.

The reason we do that is because we look at any issue that somebody comes with, any problem, anything that is causing dramatic interference, or they feel is blocking their life, and we say that thing, whatever it is, has a mind-body, or is a mind-body.

So, say that an issue, let’s just use the word “issue” to encompass all possibilities, maybe a past life energy, ancestral energy, physical energy from now, emotional and mental energy placed into it. This means that the issue itself becomes imbued with life, it has a life of its own; and that life is what we call the mind-body. So, the reason we call our method MindBody Constellation is because we’re going in to that mind-body, opening it up and looking at all of the parts that make up that mind-body.

In practice, in a constellation, there might be an emotion, and somebody playing the role of an emotion. Maybe the ancestors are included, or the workplace, your education, or a country, or culture. All of these aspects, and perhaps more, are energised within the mind-body, and have energised the mind-body. So, we look at the issue as a living, breathing organism which has a mind and a body, energised by spirit, emotion and all of the above, and possibly much more.

MindBody of a Mum is different to your Mother.

So, that is the mind-body, it is something that can be separate, it can have its own life, and can move around. It has a mind and it has a body, and it is one word. It is not mind and body, it is mind-body. It is an issue, it is a living, breathing organism that is causing some difficulties or dilemma in somebody’s life, and it has a life of its own, because they cannot control it, it is energised, and they don’t know what to do with it. It has, and is, a mind-body.

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